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Integrated Marketing

Price: $4,995

What We Offer

Paid Ad Campaigns. Advanced Marketing Tactics. Monthly Marketing Reports and On-Demand Support. These are just a few of things included with our Digital Growth: Integrated Marketing Package. • Everything in our Brand Ignition Starter Package, Plus: • Your Own Website App • Custom Client Bookings Portal (Optional) • E-Commerce Functionality (Optional) • Detailed Strategy Development • Advanced SEO Strategy & Monthly Keyword Tracking Report • (x12) 30-min SEO Strategy Sessions (One per Month) • $500 PPC Campaign (Budget included) • Email Marketing Set-up & Template Design • (x2) Keyword Optimized Blog Posts per Month • (x1) Social Posts per Week • (x2) Hours of Social Media Engagement per Month • (x12) 1-Hr LIVE Marketing Consultations (1 per Month/12 mo.)

Here's How It Works

By laying out this process upfront, we hope to instill confidence and transparency while preparing for a productive kickoff meeting with your business.  1. Create an Account To proceed with ordering any marketing services you may need to create an account on our website. 2. Choose Your Service or Marketing Plan After you've familiarized yourself with the specifics of your chosen service or marketing package, click "continue" to be taken to our bookings portal. 3. Schedule Your Initial Service Consultation Choose a convenient day and time for our appointment. Depending on your selected service or plan the duration of this meeting may vary. During this meeting we will exchange introductions while diving deep into the specifics of your project to strategize your path forward. 4. Provide Your Booking Info After selecting your date, you'll be prompted to provide your contact information and other information required depending on the service you have selected.  5. Continue To Checkout (if applicable) Continue to to be taken to the checkout page. Please note that you may need to create an account on our website in order to proceed. (To access your bookings portal depending on your level of service.) 5. Confirmation & Receipt Once you have successfully booked and purchased a service, you will receive an email confirmation along with the terms of our agreement in a separate email. 6. We’re Excited To Work With You With our initial service consultation scheduled, your ready to embark on the path to digital excellence. Your business will also be added to our customer-relationship management soft to view and track the on-going status of your project. We'll see you soon!

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Savannah, GA, USA

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