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About Us

Matt Davis Marketing is a digital marketing agency dedicated to elevating the digital presence of each of the clients we work with. With over five years of experience in the rapidly evolving digital marketing landscape, our agency offers a unique blend of creative expertise and technological innovation to help your business thrive online. Whether you need a new logo or website for your business or more leads through conversion rate optimization, Matthew and his team are ready to help you exceed your goals online.


Experience & Expertise

Matthew Davis, the founder of Matt Davis Marketing, brings over five years of experience to the dynamic field of digital marketing. With a track record that includes launching a successful e-commerce business in 2017, his leadership has propelled the agency to the forefront of industry trends and cutting-edge strategies. His hands-on expertise, honed at prestigious marketing agencies, has been pivotal in boosting the online presence of numerous businesses across diverse sectors, including legal and medical.


In addition to his entrepreneurial achievements, Matthew has enriched his practical knowledge with a scholarly approach, sharing insights as a digital marketing teaching assistant at esteemed institutions such as the Georgia Institute of Technology and the University of Minnesota.

About Matt Davis Marketing

Matthew Davis 
Agency Owner

This unique combination of industry leadership and academic involvement ensures that our agency's strategies are not only effective but also informed by the latest best practices in digital marketing. 

Logo Design & Brand Development

Let us design you a stunning logo that captures attention & creates recognition in the eyes of your businesses future customers.

Digital Strategy Development

Gain insight on strategies that align with your business goals, ensuring your online presence is optimized to reach your target audience.

Website Design & Development

Bespoke website solutions that combine aesthetic appeal with high performance, ensuring a seamless experience for your customers.

Search Engine Optimization

Increase organic traffic to your website by ensuring your website appears on Google and other search engines when customers search for certain phrases or search terms. Optimize your Google Business Profile and ensure technical aspects of your site are aligned with SEO best practices.

Facebook Ads + Social Media Marketing

Engage customers and drive leads ad on social platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, or TikTok through targeted ad campaigns designed to reach customers most likely to purchase. Build organic awareness with bespoke social media content creation packages.

Google Ads

Launch targeted pay-per-click campaigns to reach customers already searching for services (or products) like yours. Launch visually appealing display ads to engage customers across the Google Display Network.

Analytics & Reporting

Optimize your business performance through detailed analysis of your audience and traffic reports alongside other metrics in order to gather insights and suggestions for improvement. 








Why Choose Us?

At Matt Davis Marketing, we believe in creating tailored digital strategies that resonate with your brand and audience. Our range of services from SEO and web design, to social marketing and ad campaigns on Google, are designed to meet all of your digital marketing needs. 


In addition to a strong leader, we've fortified our capabilities through strategic partnerships and third party teams to expand our resources and skill sets, making us equipped to handle projects of various size. This collaboration includes other skilled designers, SEO experts, and digital marketers, all working in tandem to help bring your digital dreams to life.

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